Limestone, sand, bauxite and iron ore are used as raw materials in manufacturing clinker. These materials are mixed together and ground for homogeneity in grinding mills which turns this mix into fine powder which is burnt in huge kiln which are specialized for producing clinker. After the process of cooling clinker, it is mixed and ground with gypsum to produce the cement material in its final shape. The additives ratios are different as per the type of the cement produced.

The Company always maintains a strategic stock of the raw materials necessary for manufacturing clinker and which is sufficient for the actual consumption for a period ranging from four to six months. This is necessary for sustaining the stability of the cement material status in the Kuwaiti market.

The company imports raw materials that enjoy high quality specifications. The packing bags are supplied locally by M/s. Shuaiba Industrial Company and the various products excel in quality. The Company, by doing so, encourages the marketing of the local products and which in turn facilitates the national economy.